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Our Madrasah


Is a highly qualified IDARA for boys & girls both

Through the grace of Almighty Allah, IDARA has provided a quality of education & social service to Near by area  Since its establishment in 2009. The principal aim of IDARA is to provide an understanding of the Holy Quran and Ahaadith to young  generation and guide them in developing  them to be exemplary human. Who can establish good culture in their home & area.

IDARA depends entirely upon the generous support of brothers  &  sisters  in Islam.  Allah Subhanahu  wa  ta’ala declares in the Holy Quran “protect yourself and those who are in your care against The fire”(Surah Tahreem 6)

Protecting against the fire of hell is the responsibility discharged by IDARA  by teaching young generation the tenents  of belief (Imaan), the principals of Shariah and true practice of Islam. IDARA wishes to establish a moral purpose to young  generation who will shape the spirituality of future generations to come.

IDARA has facility of Nazra, Hifz, Aalimiyat, Qirat courses.

IDARA also  runs DARUL  IFTA(Solution of our problems by the laws of shariah),

IDARA also  runs  AHMED ACADEMY for teaching Basic Arabic Language

IDARA also  runs a special Hifz class for only 12th pass students only    

IDARA also  runs a small maktab (madarsa Noor-ul-Huda) at  Masjid - e- noor a  kajal park.



Dear brothers & sisters in Islam

         Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

 We would like to bring your kind attention and consideration that currently there are 494  students studying at IDARA.

 Hence, in a relatively short period of 13 years   Since its inception , the Educational and construction development and   progress of IDARA is transparent to all.

   IDARA’S  loving ,caring and spiritual environment has always been a source of comfort and tranquility to our students   who study here.

   This is primarily due to the Mercy of ALLAH S.W.T and also duas of the pious scholars , the sincerity of our staff, generous   and selfless donations and co-operation of our donours  and the hard work of all management and stakeholders.. We   praise ALLAH  S.W.T for this.

   If we continue to receive this generous co-operation  from  all of you Brothers and Sisters then IN SHA  ALLAH this IDARA   of yours without a doubt will have a bright and progressive future. IDARA also help poor needy by providing them school   fees, home employment and medicines.

   We  sincerely  and humbly appeal to you that you will continue to donate  generously towards our IDARA and contribute   in any way possible towards the lives of these Muslim  Ummah  who are under our care.

 May   ALLAH  S.W.T  reward  you  in  abundance in this world and there after Aamin…

Your brother in Islam

   Molana Munirahmed Mohiyuddin Topiwala

                                         (Mohtamim & President)




Students Completed Courses Till 2023







Mission & Vision

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